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Elle is an award-winning writer, vocalist, and spoken word artist whose original works pair musical undertones with themes of vulnerability, empowerment, and renaissance. Her signature style features whimsical wordsmithing and progressive rhythms, yielding potent and captivating compositions. 

A seasoned performer, Elle has played Off-Broadway, the Apollo, and countless venues across the US, including the legendary Cafe Wha?, where a live showcase of her early works was the first original act to be offered a performance slot, paving the way for countless original acts thereafter. Her debut spoken word opera, RUN, earned itself an Off-Broadway feature and took first place at the 2022 Downtown Urban Arts Festival. She has also appeared on various major label recordings.

Elle is an avid writer of motivational poetry and children's narratives. Her debut book entitled I Am - A Collection of Poetic Affirmations is set to drop in 2024. 

Elle was born and built in and around NYC, but currently resides in sunny San Diego, where she decorates her days with word-wielding, motherhood, sand structures (because castles are… meh), and tacos.


Thanks for being here.

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